Venus DeMilo Thomas – Seattle Shorts Film Festival

The question is why, director/producer/writer Venus DeMilo Thomas isn’t the slightest bit intimidated at the idea of tackling her next short film. The answer is Venus DeMilo, actress. “After starring in the Nickelodeon series, “Salute Your Shorts,” Venus moved onto recurring roles on shows including “The Bold & The Beautiful”, “Family Matters”, “My So-Called Life”, and “Sister, Sister”.  She was featured in the hit film “Life”, starring Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence.  

It was while attending Loyola Marymount University and concurrently working at the family owned Thomas Talent Agency that Venus began to contemplate stepping behind the camera.  Her short “Did I Wake You?” (Sundance 2001) is an ambitious unflinching look at the lives of African-American teenagers, the success of this film convinced Venus she was moving in the right direction. Now with both her acting and directing/producing careers in full swing, and with the experience of working at The Thomas Talent Agency, Venus prepares to combine these talents with the direction of her next short film.  

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