Rae Dawn Chong – Seattle Shorts Film Festival

Rae Dawn Chong was born in Alberta Canada she is the eldest daughter of comedian Tommy Chong. She started acting at age 12 appearing in Disney’s “Whiz Kids of Riverton” 40 year later she is still making movies appearing in the Duplass brothers film “Jeff who lives at home” which also starred Susan Sarandon and  Jason Segal. She is currently awaiting an edit on a teaser for a pilot she wrote called”The Celebrant” which she is crowd funding on Indiegogo. She is excited about the prospect of filming and living in her adopted home state of New Hampshire. 

She has lived in the granite state for 7 years and calls it home. She is currently on the board of the New Hampshire Film Festival which begins Oct. 16 thru 20th The film festival is held in downtown Portsmouth. Rae has acted in numerous feature films and starred in two television series “Mysterious Ways” on NBC/PAX and Wild Card on Lifetime television. She has also guest starred in numerous TV shows.  She hopes to continue her success with writing and producing she has 4 more pilot scripts waiting in the wings to produce and she is excited to see how successful her crowd funding will be…the future looks bright!

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